I work with clients who are motivated to make positive changes in their lives, and are ready and willing to take steps in that direction. 

Health and Wellness Consulting


The new health paradigm is a return to self empowerment and responsibility.


You are your own guru and my role is to help you develop your inner guidance, provide you with information and tools, and support you in making self honouring choices.


You create your health not just by what you eat and drink but how you think and feel. 


A holistic approach means we consider the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. For lasting change we must do more than just chase symptoms. 


We do not "work" on ourselves because there is something wrong with us, or because we are a puzzle to be solved.  Instead, healing is stepping into the greater awareness of who you are.


I help you uncover the root issues of your symptoms and recommend and provide natural and holistic health tools and strategies, and help you access your own inner knowing. Healing the physical often and usually involves an exploration and development of aspects such as healthy boundaries, limiting beliefs, intuition, and more. 

Life Coaching


I offer Certified Holistic Life Coaching based on these same principles, in which we can focus on any issue or goal you choose.


Often these two services overlap. If you aren't sure where to start; no worries! Choose one and the path will unfold as we go.

Consulting and Coaching sessions are (mostly) conducted by Zoom, or phone. While I am located in Ontario, Canada, I work with people from anywhere in the world.



 Weight Loss   


From Vegan to Carnivore, we are inundated with diet advice (and dogma). Which approach is right for you depends on your current metabolic health and history. The body does not seek calories but nourishment. The state of your hormones (such as insulin, cortisol, and estrogen), endocrine and nervous systems, and toxicity levels, influence your weight, and what dietary approach will support you in healing and optimal health. Your body's chemistry, not calories, primarily dictates your weight.



Choose a personalized plan that takes YOU into consideration. Excess fat is a symptom. Place the focus on restoring health and balance, and fat loss becomes a side effect.




Radical care of yourself: Body, Mind, and Spirit, is how we serve those around us. When you align with the highest (true) version (frequency) of yourself, downward causation occurs and by raising your own vibration you elevate the collective's.


This is our responsibility and our purpose in this time of accelerated expansion in consciousness ~


Create more joy and flow in your life, and align with who you were born to be. 


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