“Health Begins in the Colon” - Dr. Norman Walker

Colonics (Colon Therapy or Hydrotherapy) are a safe, hygienic cleansing of the large intestine with purified water for the removal of toxic matter that has accumulated.  Colonics reduce the toxic burden on the entire body, allowing for a return to balance (health). We are living through the most toxic period in human history. Now more than ever, we need to regularly suport our bodies' detoxification functions and pathways.  A detoxification lifestyle is as important as nutrition for optimal health and aging well. 


If colonics aren't for you, are contraindicated due to a health condition, or in person appointments are not an option, consider another detoxification program via quantum biofeedbackconsultationsUNDA drainage and nutraceuticals. Regardless of our level of health, what's happening in the world or how we feel about it, there is always something we can do for our health.


Consider the 9 Week Detoxification with Biofeedback Program


Appointments available for women only.


If you have experienced cardiovascular or blood clot side effects of the mRNA "vaccines"   contraindicatons with colonics may exist which we would discuss before your first appointment.


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I use the "Gravity System", often referred to as the "Wood's Method".  For more information about the actual procedure, and frequently asked questions please click here.


Consider Colonics if you suffer from:

  • Digestive Problems such as Constipation, Bloating, Gas, IBS, Candidiasis, Parasites, etc.
  • Brain Fog
  • Allergies
  • Congested Lymphatic System
  • Impaired Circulation & Organ Function
  • Insomnia
  • Joint Pain
  • Low Energy/Fatigue
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Skin Disorders/Rashes
  • Sugar Handling Problems
  • Anxiety/Stress
  • Heavy Metals
  • Fungal Infections
  • Poor Sleep

Frequency of Sessions

Colonic sessions can be performed with varying frequency depending on:

  • Your health goals
  • Your current level of health

A general recommendation for those beginning a colonic program is a series of three sessions spaced approximately one week apart. One session, while beneficial, is usually skimming the surface and a series of 3 allows for a more thorough large intestine cleanse.

Feedback will be provided at your first session to help you determine a program best for you. For example, if you have cleansed before, or are embarking on a fast, it may be appropriate for you to complete your series of three within a seven day period instead of 3 weeks.


Colonics have an Accumulative Healing Effect.


The body responds to repeated sessions by cleansing more deeply, and more efficiently. While a series of 3, as mentioned above, is a general recommendation for those in good health for a thorough large intestine cleanse, for those addressing health challenges such as elevated candida, parasites, viral or bacterial illnesses, high cholesterol, joint pain, liver congestion, some cancers, and much more, it is ideal to commit to weekly or twice weekly colonics from anywhere from one to twelve or even twenty-four weeks. It is ideal in those circumstances to combine wellness sessions to address these more challenging health issues and optimize drainage and detoxification through diet, supplements, and biotherapeutic drainage


Colonics As Part of Pro-Active, Regular Self Care


After the initial cleansing stage, a maintenance schedule is approximately four weeks between sessions. Alternately, some prefer to repeat a series of 3 twice a year (spring and fall). 


Colonic Session Length


Sessions typically last about 55 minutes, and please plan on up to 70 minutes for your first appointment. Colonics at Indigo are a gentle process that encourages your colon to participate in the process through activating its peristalsis. Give yourself this time to work with your body. 


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