9 Week Biofeedback Detoxification Program

Many symptoms we blame on aging are simply toxins that have accumulated over time. Detoxification has become more important to longevity than nutrition. Detoxifying now is an investment in your future health.


We are supporting our detoxification systems every day, sometimes without even realizing

with practices such as exercise, pranayama, herbal teas, pure water, and more.


The change of seasons is an ideal time to take your detoxification more deeply with more intention for supporting your body during these times of transition. 


Waiting for a physical symptom to detoxify is like waiting for the oil light to come on before servicing your car, but often there are signs of thr toxic burden on your body:



Beyond physical reasons or signs, cleanse if you are feeling a desire to hit the reset button, let go, or have a fresh start ~

Detoxing should not be punitive or stressful on your body. Herbal kits marketed to detox are often having just laxative effects. That is not true detoxing. Even herbal supplements well known for detoxing such as black walnut or milk thistle may not be appropriate for everyone. If pathways for drainage are not open these products can stir up toxins that cannot effectively leave the body, resulting in what's referred to as a healing crisis.


Because of this I prefer the gentle and effective UNDA Biotherapeutic Drainage Remedies - sometimes on their own, and sometimes with herbal supplements, depending on the person.


Each UNDA protocol lasts 3 weeks, with a one week break before beginning the next. 


Ist Month: UNDA protocol (3 bottles/Numbers) for opening drainage channels as well as having primary action on the liver and lymph system, and secondary action on the kidneys and gall bladder.


2nd Month: UNDA protocol (3 Bottles/Numbers) for primary actions of draining the mucosal lining of the digestive tract, and removing parasites and other pathogens.

Custom UNDA Protocols: If you would like your UNDA protocol more individualized, select the custom option in the drop down menu below. These recommendations contain 4 UNDAs each month, included in the fee. I will contact you to arrange details.


If you regularly cleanse, and/or in good health, detoxifcation support such as herbs and gemmotherapies can complement your detoxifcation further. Your consult will include such recommendations and option to purchase.

For those choosing Quantum Biofeedback to enhance detoxification energetically, these can be encorporated at Week 1 and 5, resectively.

UNDA Drainage Remedies - 2 Month Protocol (Week 1 and 5 with Biofeedback Program)

Includes 6 or 8 (Custom Option) UNDA remedies (2 protocols) $26.00 each bottle.


$15 flat Shipping Charge added (CANADIAN ORDERS ONLY)


  • Ships within 1-3 days

Incorporating Genius Insight Remote Biofeedback in your detoxification is simple and effective.

By directing specific frequencies energetically you optimize your efforts and results. Everything begins in energetic potential. Align your energy field with that which you are wanting to create and experience.


More about Genius Insight Biofeedback and Energy


You receive frequencies remotely each week in a specific area. You may choose to enhance this process with changes such as eating more lightly, consuming less fat, juicing, or fasting. We are all different and the best plan is the one that feels "doable" to you. An all or nothing approach sets us up for failure. 


These are remote sessions, conducted in the quantum field, and so there is no need to make time in your schedule for appointments.   As with all the Genius Insight Quantum biofeedback sessions, you simply provide a selfie and 15 second voice recording either through the Quanta Capsule APP or by text to access your individual energetic fingerprint or frequency in the Quantum Field.


Each session includes an energy field harmonization and follow up email similar to the weekly program sessions, and a playlist link for those with the Quanta Capsule APP.


This program has been organized and structured very specifically:


Week 1

Harmonizing the Digestive System. Cleansing, anti-inflammatory and rejuvenation frequencies for the colon, small intestine, pancreas, and more. Poor digestion is at the root of many issues and so many begin to notice improvement during week 1.


Week 2

Microbiome Reset with Nervous System Harmony. This series of frequencies is focused on the gut microbiome. Antibiotics, sugar, chemicals, and stress can reduce the total number of good gut bacteria. When our bacteria are healthy, they can support the production of feel-good neurotransmitters and healthy hormones, digestion, immunity, and more.


Week 3

Liver and Gallbladder Frequencies. The gallbladder is a pouch containing bile from the liver. If the bile is not healthy, it could lead to the development of gall stones. Healthy bile helps to digest fats more completely and helps in the detoxification process. The liver is a filter that breaks down harmful substances and can act as a protective mechanism from the body being harmed or poisoned. The liver is also where many hormones are metabolized or conjugated, including estrogen. A sluggish liver can result in blood that is not purified effectively and can be at the root of high blood pressure. Keeping the liver healthy is a good way to prevent a variety of conditions in the body.


Week 4

Kidney and Bladder Frequencies. The kidney is a filter that clears waste from the body, particularly uric acid which is a breakdown product from eating protein, and sugar. If this elimination is not complete, uric acid leading to gout or kidney stones can build up in the body. These frequencies work to optimize the function and wellness of the kidney and bladder system.


Week 5

Lungs and lymphatic System Frequencies. The body uses the lungs to release about 60% of toxins in the body. Being able to breathe deeply and powerfully exhale is important in the process of staying healthy. All of our cells need constant oxygenation and it is the lungs that help the blood to become very well saturated with life-giving oxygen.


The lymphatic system is part of our immune system. It picks up excess waste from the cells and clears that from the body. In various parts of the lymphatic system, microorganisms, viruses and bacteria are constantly being cleared from the body. Staying well can be much more successful when taking proper care of the lymphatic system.


Week 6

Now that the organs of elimination are open we move into frequencies for parasites. Parasites can consume your food and leave their waste in your body. Their presence can lead to feelings of being bloated, irritable, tired or having a variety of food cravings, such as those for sugary foods. If parasites in the body are reduced, a person typically experiences more energy and a new feeling of mental clarity.


Weeks 7-9

We go deeper! We repeat specific weeks as they pertain to you (what's coming up on your assessment wanting more focus) so that we can get to a deeper level and really allow the positive effects to take hold.


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Biofeedback 9 Week Detoxification Program

Select with or without Quanta Capsule APP 



More Reasons to Cleanse:

Our bodies are designed to remove harmful substances such as environmental chemicals, heavy metals, additives, dyes, hormones, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, petrochemicals, and also by- products of our own metabolism referred to as molecular waste.


The key to vibrant health is our body’s ability to eliminate these toxins. Unfortunately, that has gotten more difficult as we are exposed to more toxins than ever before.


We are exposed to toxins in our air, water, food, personal care products, plastics, vaccines, and more. These are all creating an over burden of toxins at the same time our detoxification phases are being disrupted with the high use of glyphosate.


If you don’t think our environment's over burden of toxins is affecting you, consider this:

The CDC’s (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) “National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals” found that almost every person they tested was storing a host of awful chemicals, including flame retardants, stored in fatty tissue and Bisphenol A, a hormone-like substance found in plastics, excreted in urine. Additionally, the average newborn has 287 chemicals in her/his umbilical cord blood, 217 of which are neurotoxic (poisonous to nerves or nerve cells). If a new born baby already has a toxicity issue, then we can be assured we have an even greater one from years of exposure.

This state of chronic toxicity impacts many areas of our health. Toxicity is often referred to as the first stage of disease. Toxins can interfere with normal bodily functions, induce disease, destroy our gut bacteria, and increase inflammation throughout the body. They can distort our ability to balance blood sugar and metabolize cholesterol which over time can lead to insulin resistance, obesity, and diabetes. They can disrupt the manufacturing of hormones needed throughout the body for cell and organ function.


Reduce the toxic burden on your body, and foster optimum physiology, resilience, and longevity.