Karen was warm and knowledgeable, and a confident voice. I was really happy with the ease of our converstaion and I was able to shift in a way that left me feeling uplifted.


Molly - Ontario, Canada


Karen is always professional and supportive. I see her as a compassionate coach who connects well with her clients. Each session is productive and highly satisfying from the perspective of self-understanding, and gives me a 360 degree viewpoint of how my issues are affecting all aspects of my life.  


Ellen - Ontario, Canada


I felt at home wiht Ren and energized by the session. She masterfully helped me connect with the underlying emotion which allowd me to access my own decision around the issue.


Mary - Spain



Karen was able to hold a space that allowed my to examine my emotions and have them validated. I felt a definite shift in my nervous system. I appreciated her ability to be respectful and professional but still lighthearted and with a sense of playfullness.


Chris - Ontario, Canada


I was nervous in the beginning, but felt more calm and focused afterwards. This was very beneficial and a very positive experience! I feel less overwhelmed and more inspired.


Leah - Ontario, Canada


I feel relieved from my session with Ren. She listened to my needs and guided my thoughts towards a deeper understanding of how I was feeling, and suggested strategies for change. Loved the session! I feel like we accomplished a lot in a lttle time.


Kelsey - Florida, USA


Ren gave me a different perspective on a relationship and help e see some limiting beliefs. Giving myself permission to take my power back and realizing it was about me showing up for me, not how I wished the other person would. Ren's knowledge of many things, along with her compassionate nature make her a wonderful Life Coach! 


Patricia - British Columbia, Canada


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