Holistic Life Coaching



Sessions by Zoom or Phone, wherever you are in the world ~

During your sessions we will use spiritual and metaphysical principles and techniques to help you access your own inner guidance for positive direction and change in your life.


Your outer world is a projection of your inner world: Your dominant thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Holistic coaching focuses less on why these were formed and more on transcending them so you can step into who you want to BE  -  the highest (true) version of yourself.


We WON’T be dwelling on your "stories" and past events. When we do, we energize the past. The future version of you is created in the present. 


Coaching can help you move forward in any way, such as to resolve an issue, set or achieve a goal, to deepen your relationship with yourself, or your connection to source/spirit. 


We are experiencing an elevation of human consciousness like never before.


Our greatest service is to become the highest (true) version of ourselves. "One candle lights up a room." When we focus on lifting ourselves, downward causation occurs and others will rise up to meet you.  We heal for not just ourselves, but the collective.


Unburden yourself from the past and align with your vision of the future you.



Focus on anything that would be most valuable for you, such as:

Developing Self Honouring Standards (Boundaries)


Health & Diet, Lifestyle

Responding Healthfully to  Stress

Spiritual Expansion

Life Direction

Self Esteem & Body Image

Self Love & Worthiness

Disordered Eating or Behaviours


We choose to heal and grow not because we aren’t good enough, but to step into a greater awareness of (and to remember) who we are. 


Please select your appointment option below and I will contact you within 48 business hours to set up your first session. 


I am a Certified Life Coach through the Foundation of Holistic Life Coaching.


For those seeking support with health and wellness issues, I am also a Holistic Nutritionist (RNCP, ROHP). and you can combine Health and Wellness Consulting with Life Coaching.




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Holistic Life Coaching Session

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