9 Week Biofeedback Skin Rejuvenation Program

While we strive for healthy skin because of how it looks and feels, we don't always consider what breakouts, dark spots, rashes, wrinkles, dryness and more are telling us about what is going on INSIDE our bodies.


The skin is our largest organ, and a pathway for toxins to leave the body. Skin issues can be a sign of toxicity, impaired function of other organs such as liver or kidneys, inflammation, hormonal imbalances, and consuming foods that aren't supporting us. 


This 9 week program focuses on frequencies for the different layers of the skin, oxygenation, nutrition, DNA, and the root issues of skin issues.


Consider this program whether you have skin issues or want to take a proactive approach, or have completed the Detoxification Program and wish to go deeper.

If you've completed the Detoxificatin program, include the UNDA Biotherapeutic Drainage Remedies - 

We never use UNDAS for the skin as a first protocol but you can still add UNDAS for liver, kidneys, and more along with this 9 week protocol. 


Each UNDA protocol lasts 3 weeks, with a one week break before beginning the next. 

The two UNDA protocols can be coordinated at Week 1 and 5, respectively.


Support such as herbs and gemmotherapies can complement your program further. Your consult will include indivual recommendations (based on your biofeedback assessment) and option to purchase.

UNDA Drainage Remedies - 2 Month Protocol (Week 1 and 5 with Biofeedback Program)

Includes 8 UNDA remedies (2 protocols) $24.25 each bottle., and 2 consults/UNDA selection


$15 flat Shipping Charge added to each shipment (AVAILABLE CANADA ONLY)  Pick Up Option Available for those nearby or attending in person appointments. 


Incorporating Genius Insight Remote Biofeedback

By directing specific frequencies energetically you optimize your efforts and results. Align your energy field with that which you are wanting to create and experience. Consider that when we take an herb or supplement, what we are ultimately seeking is its energy frequency. This is entrained through into you energy field with Resonance Biofeedback.


More about Genius Insight Biofeedback and Energy


You receive frequencies remotely each week in a specific area. You may choose to enhance this process such as with changes to eating, encouraging lymphatic drainage, and adequate hydration. We are all different and the best plan is the one that feels "doable" to you. An all or nothing approach sets us up for failure. 


These are remote sessions, conducted in the quantum field, and so there is no need to make time in your schedule for appointments.   As with all the Genius Insight Quantum biofeedback sessions, you simply provide a selfie and 15 second voice recording either through the Quanta Capsule APP or by text to access your individual energetic fingerprint or frequency in the Quantum Field.


Each session includes an energy field harmonization and follow up email similar to the weekly program sessions, and a playlist link for those with the Quanta Capsule APP.


This program has been organized and structured very specifically:


Week 1

Repairing Oxidative Damage. Includes frequencies or UV famage, free radical clearing, cellular hydration, glycation end products clear, firming and collagen increase, and more.


Week 2

DNA Optimization. Includes frequencies for telomere health and lengthening, DNA repair, optimization of neuroendocrine system, and more.


Week 3

Immune System. Frequencies include optimization of white blood cells, inflammation, reduction of antigen effects, spleen regeneration, clean up of dead and unhealthy cells, and more.


Week 4

Mitochondria Energy. Includes frequencies for apoptosis, mitochondria activation, herbs, nutraceuticals, and more.


Week 5


Skin Repair System. Frequencies for skin cell regeneration, oxygenation, repair, collagen, antioxidants, and more.


Week 6

Adrenal and Hormonal Updrade. Frequencies for glandular stem cells, herbs, inflammation, mushrooms, homeopathic remedies, and more.


Week 7

Skin Regeneration for Aging Well, Healing & Beauty. Frequencies for skin anatomy, healing, vitamins, collagen, hyaluronic acid, dysbiosis, silica, and more.


Weeks 8-9

We go deeper! We repeat specific weeks as they pertain to you (what's coming up on your assessment wanting more focus) so that we can get to a deeper level and really allow the positive effects to take hold.




Biofeedback 9 Week Skin Rejuvenation and Restoration Program

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