Frequently Asked Questions About Colonics


Q: How many colonics do I need when getting started?


A: While everyone is different, a general guideline for someone in general good health, who has never had colonics or it has been some time since their last, is 3 sessions scheduled approximately one week a part. This usually ensures a thorough cleanse of the large intestine (colon) and provides the individual an opportunity to evaluate any shifts in their symptoms and the benefits. 


For those addressing more serious or chronic issues, there is an accumulative benefit and they may want to consider 6 to start. However you do not need to commit to a series in order to book your first appointment. You can decide at the end of your first session how you would like to proceed.


Q: Is a colonic the same as an enema?

A: No. An enema only clears the last third section of the large intestine while a colonic will cleanse the entire length of the colon. Additionally, an enema involves holding in the water for an extended length of time which is not only very uncomfortable, but results in a purging effect. In a colonic session the water is introduced more gently and light massage is used to help movements and releasing.

Q: Will I become dependent on colonics to have bowel movements?

A: No.  The method used at Indigo Wellness Centre is not one that relies on purging the colon, (a laxative effect.)The focus is on encouraging your own colon’s peristalsis which can actually over time improve the function of the colon, and help retrain the colon in cases of chronic constipation. This is why a colonic session at Indigo Wellness is approximately 50-55 minutes, which is more than what some others advertise. It's important to allow the body time to respond, and not simply look at a colonic as a pipe to clean out.


A colonic is like taking your colon to the gym. Colon therapy exercises colon muscles and helps reshape the colon and stimulates reflex points in the colon that relate to other body organs (similar to reflexology).

Q: Is a colonic painful?

A: Most individuals experience some degree of cramping during a colonic similar to what one feels prior to having a bowel movement, and that’s because that’s exactly what is happening! The cramping usually comes in waves and subsides after each release. The level of toxicity of the matter being released can impact the level of cramping. Most experience an overall sense of well-being following a colonic session.

Q: How many bowel movements should I be having?

A: Ideally we would have 3 bowel movements each day. Realistically, one per day (where the movement feels complete, and there is no straining) is good. However even with one BM a day, waste and toxins will be accumulating and contributing to how we are feeling.

Q: Who needs colonics?

A: Our world is more toxic than it has ever been. We are exposed to genetically modified foods, hormone and antibiotic laced meat and milk products, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chemicals in our skin and hair care products, electromagnetic fields, and radiation. The antibiotic/ pesticide glyphosate manufactured by Monsanto (recently purchased by Bayer) is being sprayed on crops and livestock feed. This chemical is taken up by the tissue of the plants and animals and thus into our food supply. Glyphosate kills gut bacteria, is carcinogenic, and inhibits our bodies' natural ability to detoxify at the cellular level. While colonics have been around for hundres of years, they've become an even more valuable strategy to help our bodies reduce this toxic burden.  

Colonics also helps clear the lymph system and keeps the immune system strong. The lymph system transports nutrients from the blood to each cell and removes its waste. Some of the waste is transported to the intestines via the lacteals, that part of the lymph system which empties into the small intestines. It then passes into the large intestine for elimination. Additionally, because of this Colonics are a fantastic way to promote healthy breasts!

Colonics have an accumulative effect and should not be regarded as simply cleaning your plumbing. When one has regular colonics, they will begin to detoxify at deeper and deeper levels. Other organs will begin to release their toxins into the colon for elimination, and ultimately the body will release toxins at the cellular level.

Q: I've seen detox herbal kits. Can't I just do one of those?

A: There are some very good cleansing kits on the market and some that are not so great. However if the pathways for drainage in the body are not open (lymph, liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, colon), these kits can simply release toxins that are reabsorbed into the bloodstream and can cause a healing crisis. One might experience headaches or flu like symptoms for example. If you want to do an herbal kit, consider adding a series of Colonics  to ensure a thorough, and comfortable, draining of toxins and matter. I also am a big proponent of using UNDA Biotherapeutic Drainage Remedies instead of or with herbs and gemmotherapies. These kits cannot take in individual factors and thus are much less effective to truly cleanse your body than investing in a protocol I design specifically for you.

Q: Can colonics help in overcoming illnesses?

 A: Colonics reduce the toxic burden throughout the body. This increases the bioavailable energy in all areas of the body creating a synergistic affect.  Some specific benefits include:


  • Because of the relationship between the lymphatic system and the colon, colonics can be especially helpful to achieving and maintaining healthy breasts.
  • Colonics can help clear bacterial and viral infections, and other pathogens including parasites.
  • Colonics are very beneficial in supporting the immune system, 70-80% of which is found in your gut.
  • Colonics can help mood and sleep, with most of the neurotransmitter serotonin being produced in the gut.
  • Colonics support liver health which can impact hormonal balancing, digestion, and circulatory issues.
  • Colonics support all pathways for drainage in the body including skin and kidneys.
Colonics can most often effectively be included in a natural or integrated approach to healing. Consider booking a phone consult to discuss your situation.
Q: How do colonics affect mood and stress?
A: Colonics can assist you in recognizing and releasing stored emotions. There is a direct correlation between “letting go” of stored emotions and “letting go” of stored waste.
Your gut has a "brain" of its own. In fact, your enteric nervous system (the nervous system networked throughout your stomach and intestines) contains some 100 million neurons - more than is found in the spinal cord or in the peripheral nervous system. This second "brain" in your gut can control digestive behavior independently of the brain. And it's this second brain that could also be responsible for changing your mood and alleviating stress.


Energetically, colonics are working in the Root and Sacral Chakra energy centres, and secondarily the Solar Chakra. This is an opportunity for healing, and also the reason why you should follow your inner guidance when deciding to try colonics. It you are hesitant at all, consider starting with a wellness session.

Q: Are colonics a way to lose weight?

A: Colonics can be a part of a plan to achieve your ideal weight for a number of reasons when used in conjunction with appropriate nutrition and lifestyle. If weight loss is your goal, you may wish to consider colonics in conjunction with Nutrition and Wellness Consulting for optimal and lasting results.

Colonics are beneficial for those losing weight as toxins are stored in adipose (fat) tissue. When one is losing fat, toxins are released and can create a healing response in the body such as headaches, fever, low energy. Colonics will ensure these toxins are draining properly, are not impeding your weight loss, or causing a healing crisis.

Colonics support your body to come back into balance, which allows all systems to function more efficiently, and thus support other factors involved in a healthy weight such as endocrine health and metabolism.

We often read about colonics for weight loss because of the pounds of fecal matter than can build up in the colon. While this indeed can often happen, colonics should not be looked at as a quick or easy fix for weight issues. Be wary of advertisements advocating detox herbal kits or other detoxification methods for weight loss.