If you are contacting me regarding colonics to detoxify from the gene or vector based injections. PLEASE KNOW - the technology behind these is not like vaccines of the past where one could detoxify heavy metals, etc. contained in them. Colonics help the body restore balance, and can support with resulting isses such as inflammation, lymphatic drainage, phases 1 and 2 detoxification, and more, but there is no way to detoxify (in the true sense of the word) from these injections directly. Be discerning if you are reading somewhere that you can.


If you are experiencing symptoms from these injections, I would suggest a Biofeedback Session first, to determine energetic reactivity/stress disturbances, harmonize, and receive individual recommendations to mitigate reactions you've observed and based on the assessment, specifically using new panelels I have created in the Genius Software directly related to the issues of these injections. 


Cardiovascular issues are contraindicated for colonics. If you've received a gene or vector based injection, 45 days since your last dose is required before a colonic session, along with absence of related side effects or symptoms as outlined by the manufacturer and any recent literature, or any health issue or symptom you did not experience prior to these injections.


Instead, I would be pleased to help you with your health goals through quantum biofeedbackconsultations, UNDA drainage and nutraceuticals. 


Consider the 9 Week Detoxification with Biofeedback Program


Thank you!