True Boundaries

Frequency - The New Language


Even before the frequency upgrades to the planet and us began, language had limits. We sometimes settle for words close to that which we are attempting to describe for lack of an alternative. We each perceive through individualized filters, brought into focus through our experiences and stories. One word can have a different meaning to different people.


One thing that is the constant and not subject to individual interpretation is frequency.

Last week my newsletter spoke about spiritual resilience. In the past we may have called this "boundaries".

There is a shadow side to boundaries when the ego gets involved. - "If I put you down, I will be be superior."  -  "I can't believe they did that when I told them not to!". 


In the old paradigm, we energetically "raised our shields", visualized bubbles or walls. These are not necessarily wrong tools to use. I can think of a particular visualization that I like a lot.


The deeper aspect is the frequency of any technique we implement. If we are shielding from a place of defense or offense, it is most likely from the frequency of fear. We are all energetically connected in the collective consciousness. Building walls don't just push the external away, they keep us in and closed off. Do you want to contract or expand? Be stagnant or grow?

As we have and will continue to expand our consciousness we gain a higher perspective on concepts such as boundaries. The view is different from higher rungs of the ladder. 


The higher perspective on boundaries is standards. The standards by which you treat yourself are your boundaries.


It is your frequency emanating from you that "protects you". Aligning with your highest/true frequency emanates a shining light from you that is your shield, repelling unsupportive energies, and not attracting them to begin with.  You are simply not a vibrational match. 


Your interaction with others happens at the level of our energy fields. Words are often not necessary. Explaining your boundaries to someone rarely works. Exuding and embodying your standards communicates your boundaries and fosters your ability to hold them.


When you have a personal standard of self honouring, you will be honoured. The external is a projection of our internal. As always, it comes back to taking radical care of yourself.


In the past, we may have gone to someone to remove undesirable energies for us. They usually returned because we didn't shift our frequency.


You have the ability to foster a clear and powerful energy field. IF you are seeking ways to do so, Resonance Biofeedback is an empowering tool to assist you.


Cultivate and trust your frequency!