Quantum Resonance Biofeedback

Everything exists in energetic potential.

Before anything manifests in the physical, it originates in energy.



Understanding Energy Medicine

Energy medicine can be considered to be the therapeutic use of frequencies. Those frequencies or energy could be produced by a variety of technologies. In the case of practices such as Reiki, human beings produce this frequency and use intention to direct it to others. When we are exposed to frequencies, we are influenced by them. This is known as resonance. Human systems, including hormones, neurotransmitters and others are responding constantly to frequency communication in the body.


We are also influenced by external frequencies. These can be positive or negative in their effects on the body. From Dr. Masuru Emoto’s work, we know that when water is in the presence of classical music playing, the water takes on an organized crystal structure. When we expose our body to positive frequencies in biofeedback we are affected in a similar way to the water. We begin to be influenced by these positive frequencies and our cells can take on this coherent structure. If the cells become more organized and coherent, it follows that the vitality of the body will follow as well. This is the goal of running frequencies in biofeedback.


How does The Genius Access Our Energetic Fingerprint?

 The sophisticated and proprietary voice engine software in the Genius Insight assesses many qualities of your voice. It then converts that information to a wave form that can be further interpreted by the Genius Insight as frequency. This frequency is compared to various Hz frequencies in the Genius. These frequencies range from 0-10,000 Hz. A working knowledge of the coherent frequencies of organs, chakras, meridians and other known frequencies is then used to program the frequencies stored within the Genius and used in the various panels.

How Accurate is the Information?

Biofeedback is not a diagnostic tool for any medical condition or disease. Its only function is to identify where there is reactivity in the energy field, and then feed back frequencies that can assist in clearing the reactivity. Think of this as trying to tune into a radio station but you hear static. The role of biofeedback is to clear the static so that your frequency comes in loud and clear. Reducing reactivity often results in experiencing more vitality, more energy, more clarity of mind, etc.

28 Main Panels



Infection Energetic Disturbance

Spinal Energy


Amino Acids

Todays' Stress

Body Systems

Chemical Sensitivities

Food Sensitivities






Electrical Sensitivities

Essential Oils

Brain Anatomy



Bach Flower Essences

Brain EEG


TCM Meridians


Sacred Geometry

Solfeggio Tones


Spiritual Field Disturbance


Library Examples:

In addition to these main panels, there are  over 200 libraries for further assessment and exploration. These help dig deeper into the root of imbalances shown in the 28 panels, directly target a specific issue that is a concern to you, assess the most energetically compatible supplements, remedies, and even lifestyle strategies. The possibilities are endless! 






Assemblage Point



Blood Pressure

Blood Sugar Handling

Breast Health

Cancer Prevention



Compulsive Eating




Food Intolerances

Heart Health

Heavy Metals


Liver Health

Love Healing Codes

Kidney Health





Vessel Health

Vitamins and Remedies

Weight Release



You can select the same program from session to session or choose another at any time.


  • Money Magnetizing
  • Peaceful Sleep Promotion
  • Inflammation Disturbance Reduction
  • Pain Disturbance Harmonization
  • Anti-aging and Rejuvenation
  • Stress Release and Deep Relaxation
  • Brain Optimized and Cognitive Enhancement 
  • Weight Loss and Supercharged Metabolism
  • Experience Joyful Feelings and Mood Elevation
  • Immune System Tonic and Optimization and Infection Clear
  • Emotional Cleanse and Release
  • Home Upgrade, Clear to Create Prosperity and Pleasure
  • Heal a Broken Heart 
  • Skin Regeneration for Anti-Aging, Healing and Beauty
  • Manifestational Magic Manifesting at Will with Ease
  • Digestive Calming and Maximizing Nutrition
  • Emotional Reset 1 - Anxiety Relief/Calm and Comforted
  • Emotional Reset 2 - Depression Lift/Embrace Joy
  • Emotional Reset 3 - Trauma Clear and Ground in Present Time
  • Coronavirus: Create Resilience and Protection

Detailed Program Descriptions 


We now know from energetic research that our words change our DNA, and as such we can also see biofeedback as a focused word or frequency that begins to change the DNA. The biofeedback is pointing out the exact frequency needed to clear or harmonize these disruptions. At its deepest level biofeedback is creating more harmony, reducing the stress that's in your energy field and thus in your body.


Biofeedback is a discovery process where you gain more information about yourself, and "peels back the layers of the onion". 


The feedback of frequencies to your energy field is like "reminding" your energetic body of what it feels like to be in balance.


Frequent and consistent imprinting of these frequencies into your field will yield the most positive impact.  Implementing the information gained into your lifestyle and food choices will enhance the harmonization process. 


Package and Cancellation Policies Apply. Please scroll towards bottom of this page for full details.


Genius Insight Quantum Biofeedback and Sessions are not a medical diagnostic tool. We are always working in the quantum energy field, and are always referring to your energy fields during all sessions and discussions.