Restoring Metabolic Health

Chronically high insulin levels and insulin resistance are a major contributor to weight gain and inability to lose weight.


Body fat doesn't cause high insulin, chronically high insulin causes fat gain.


Calorie restriction and diets are a flawed and outdated strategy. A slow metabolism is not accurate. Fat loss results from HEALING metabolic function.


Food is a set of instructions to your body. Chemistry trumps calories. 



The Bitter Truth


The food and lifestyle changes required to lower chronically elevated insulin levels requires a willingness to question societal norms, including:


Decades of erroneous food advice:

Many of us are sugar burning machines from decades of outdated or wrong advice, leaving our bodies constantly seeking hits of instant energy from glucose sources and frequent eating. These create the perfect chemical storm of constant high blood sugar and elevated insulin, and the consequential inability to switch to fat burning mode, never tapping into our fat stores.

Most under estimate the amount of sugar they are actually consuming; usually not counting wheat and other grains, fruit, and hidden sugars in sauces and dressings.


Limiting beliefs around aging, menopause, food, and hunger, to which we give our power and responsibility.


An over correction to the past narrow definition of beauty: 

Self love is self honouring choices and self mastery.  Loving our bodies regardless of shape and size includes listening to its messages, and treating it with kindness and respect through our choices. Body acceptance is not the normalization of obesity.


Restoring Metabolic Health


Diets do not work not only because the calories in vs calories out model is flawed, but also because the idea we can go back to the habits that created the poor health in the first place is an illusion. Diets do not deal with the root issues.  One common root issue being the relationship with food, our bodies, and ourselves. This root may be shallow, or a root system, and why the changes to food and lifestyle (and the pace of) required will vary from person to person. The consideration of where you are on the continuum of metabolic health will determine the appropriate place to start for you.  


Health/Nutrition & Coaching Program

Give yourself a personalized plan with support, guidance, and accountability. Create ease and flow around food, and your body, while restoring health.


Years of dis-ease cannot be reversed in one session. Commit to yourself and to the process by beginning with the 8 week program.


We are the sum of our habits. Break free from what isn't serving you.


8 Week Program

The split between Nutrition/Health Coaching and Life Coaching will differ from person to person, based on individual needs.



Initial 90 minute session 

7 weekly 45 minute sessions

(sessions by zoom or phone)



Choose One Payment - $888 (save $100)

or 12 Weekly Payments  of $84 (11 automatic payments will be set up after selecting the first week from the menu):

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